Club Jaguar - Synopsis II

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'Club Jaguar' is a story that forms an unexpected continuation of the 'Story of Gracchus', in which a number of the main characters of the 'Story of Gracchus' get mysteriously transported to an alternative 'Everett World' - purportedly a contemporary version of Las Vegas.


If this seems not to make much sense - all, or almost all, is explained in the related 'article' entitled 'The Multiverse', which describes the life and theories of Professor Hugh Everett III.

Professor Hugh Everett III

Princeton University
Everett studied at Princeton University

Everett later worked for the Pentagon

Missile Test
Everett was involved in the development of Tactical Nuclear Missile Systems

Everett also advised the White House and helped to develop the Mutual Assured Destruction policy (MAD) that influenced much 'Cold War' thinking.

Everett - Cold War Warrior

Ground Hog Day
Everett later developed his 'Many Worlds' theory, based on Quantum Physics

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so....back to the story of 
Club Jaguar - Book II


California Combat Club

Brody Visits the Penthouse
The Boss sends Brody round to the Penthouse in order to speak to Zac.
Zac (who has been given the authority by the 'Boss') - gives Brody a card to show at the California Combat Club which will give him an audition at the 'club'.

Cadillac Night Drive
Josh, Ethan, Jim and Zac then get driven to the Lakeside Restaurant on South Las Vegas Boulevard. The take Glaux with them, but leave him in the limo while they dine.

Lakeside Dining - Las Vegas
Once thy were settled in the restaurant, Zac was asked many questions about Brody - and the business concession that he was hoping to be employed by, and Zac explained about the Combat Club, and the process of auditioning.
After a good meal, and a long talk, they put some meat in a napkin to take back to Glaux, and were driven back to the Penthouse by Chuck.

Pompeii - prior to the eruption in 79 AD
On returning to the Penthouse, they all relaxed and started talking about the sessions that they were having with Faunus.
In their discussions they came to the conclusion that people who 'came back' had first died - which came to the startling conclusion that they all - including the 'Boss', must have 'died' some time in the 'past'.

Eruption of Vesuvius 79 AD
The problem that puzzled the boys was that if they had all died at about the same time, then it must have been because of some war or natural disaster.
So Jim used his laptop to search for places near Baiae (a name of a place he remembered), and came up with Pompeii and it was through this that they realized that they were probably involved in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The Ruins of Pompeii
Having found the eruption of Vesuvius, there was still the question of how the 'Boss' had 'arrived' so much sooner than they had.
The boys deduced from this that the 'Boss' had probably been murdered, possibly by the individual that Faunus had mentioned to Jim.

Plaster Casts of Corpses from the Ruins of Pompeii
At that point the boys began to get scared, as they realised that Faunus was telling then the truth (although not all of it), no matter how fantastic it all may have sounded.
So, the boys decided that they should have a further talk with Faunus and the 'Boss' and sort matters out - possibly by inviting the 'Boss' and Faunus to dinner at the Penthouse.

Visit to the California CombatClub
The next day Chuck arrived with a massive, long wheel-base white Cadillac, and took them to the palatial California Combat Club, picking up the 'Boss' from the Club Jaguar on the way.

California Combat Club - Plaque
On arriving at the Combat Club, the 'Boss' immediately went to the manager's office, where Brody was waiting for them.
First Brody was sent for a quick examination by Dr. Lockwood, and then to the practice ring which was managed by Kurt.

Publicity Photo - California Combat Club
While Kurt, brody and the 'Boss' discussed matters, Zac showed Ethan and Josh some of the framed 'publicity photos' of previous fight - which looked quite rough.

Publicity Photo - California Combat Club

Publicity Photo - California Combat Club
Before the audition as such began, Kurt got Brody to provide many personal details, all noted on a number of forms, which Brody was required to sign before the audition actually began.

Brody in Speedos for the Audition
Finally Brody emerged wearing a pristine pair of white Speedos, showing off his excellent physique.

Brody and the 'Boss' at the Audition
Subsequently Brody climbed into the ring and demonstrated some 'moves'.
Later the 'Boss', showing that he was remarkably agile, climbed into the ring and put Brody through a series of poses designed to show off his muscularity.

Brody poses for Test Photos at the Audition
The 'Boss' seemed very pleased with Brody, and next took him, along with the boys, to the photo-studio, where they met the Club photographer, Adam.
After some discussion about lighting and poses, Adam took a series of shots of Brody, with Jim, on the orders of the 'Boss', supervising the 'shoot'.
After a series of 'shots' of Brody in Speedos, the 'Boss' then asked for more 'shots' to be taken of Brody nude.

Jim and Adam at the Photo-Shoot

Meanwhile, Zac had all the photos transferred to the iPad Pro that belonged to the 'Boss'.
Brody then got dressed, and was taken to the office where the 'Boss' had him sign a contract.
In addition to many benefits and excellent pay, the 'Boss' also arranged for Brody to have a small apartment in the the Penthouse block where Zac, Jim, Ethan and Josh were living.

Brody's Neighbourhood
The following day, Brody moved from his 'run-down' neighbourhood to the up-market apartment block close to the Club Jaguar.

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIII - Logo
On finishing at the Combat Club, the 'Boss' invited the boys for a meal at the Club jaguar.
While having their meal they discussed Brody - to whom Ethan had seemed to have taken a strong liking, and also the matter of regularising the Boy's legal and financial position in the new 'world'.
So the 'Boss' informed the boys that after their meal they would go to see the legal and financial adviser to the 'Boss'.

Franklin was a 'geek', somewhere on the high end of the autism spectrum.
He was, however, a 'genius' at all things legal and financial, which is why the 'Boss' employed him.
This was the occasion when Franklin could finalise the all the details about the boys.
When Franklin was finally finished, the boys returned to the office of the 'Boss', where Jim invited the 'Boss', Faunus, and of course, Glaux to a dinner at the Penthouse.

The Penthouse Dining Room
On returning to the Penthouse, Ethan asked where they would be having their dinner - and then Jim showed him the magnificent, modern dining room.
It was a room that Ethan had never been into, as he always had his cheeseburgers either in the bedroom, living room or on the deck.

Brody in the Penthouse Living Room
Later, Brody arrived to organise his move into the Penthouse block.
Zac looked after Brody, and took him down to the fourth floor where the furnished apartment was situated.

Brody's Apartment - Reception Area

Brody's Apartment - Bedroom

Brody's Apartment - Bathroom

Brody's Apartment - Living Room and Kitchen

Brody's Apartment - Fitness Room
The fitness room was full equipped - except for an adjustable bench which was on it's way.....

Chevy Truck in the Apartment Block Underground Garage
As Brody needed to move a small quantity of personal belongings from his previous apartment, the 'boys' decided to help.
Brody owed some back rent, so on the way to the apartment they stopped off at the Club jaguar to collect a prearranged advance of salary from Franklin, so that Brody could pay off the debt.

Brody's Old Apartment Block
Brody had lived in a run down apartment on the edge of town that had once been 'public housing' but had later been sold off to a private company. Since then many of the apartments had been sub-let, so Brody's landlord lived in the apartment block.
The landlord was quickly paid off, and the 'boys' helped to bring Brody's possessions back in the Chevy truck.

Clare was responsible (on the orders of the 'Boss') for all the arrangements for the dinner at the Penthouse, including hiring outside caterers and waiting staff, and ensuring that the 'boys' were all provided with suitable clothes for the evening.

Ethan as 'Rick' in Casalanca
For the dinner it was decide that white dinner jackets would be worn, with black bow ties, which made a problem for Ethan - who couldn't manage his tie without Clare's help.
The dinner guests - the 'Boss' and Faunus arrived punctually, and over pre dinner drinks they discussed the situation surrounding Brody - after which they made their way to the dining room.

Faunus as a Mayan Indian
Over dinner the 'Boss' explained something about his business interests, and how it was through his meeting with Faunus - the masquerading as a Mayan Indian that he was able to make huge sums of money and become very wealthy.

Toltec Pyramid
The Boss describe how Faunus had helped him to 'acquire' Toltec and Mayan artworks that he was able to sell for enormous sums to private collectors and museums.

Star Trek Transporter
When Ethan asked how Faunus was able to get such things, Faunus went into a long explanation of 'teleportation' - making some disparaging remarks about 'Star Trek' in the process - and giving a live demonstration by disappearing in the dining room, and then re-appearing in the hallway.

Stormy Night at the Villa Auream
The talk then became more serious, as Faunus revealed the nature of the death of the 'Boss' at the hands of Servius - which Ethan finally remembered very vividly.

Palenque - Mexico
Faunus then went on to remind them of how he had taken the 'Boss' to the safety of the Mexican jungle and the excavations at Palenque.

Cave of the Sibyl at Cumae
Jim then explained that he had been having dreams of the cave of the Sibyl at Cumae, and the prophecy that had told of the death of Gracchus.
The Prohecy
When Zac finally confronted the 'Boss' by asking him if he truly believed that he had lived a previous life in Roman time the 'Boss' confirmed, without any doubts, that he believed that it had been the case.

The Amphitheatre at Pompeii
Finally, Faunus reveals how the 'boys' came to be 'taken' - explaining that Marcus had bought the Amphitheatre in Pompeii, and the 'boys' were supervising the inaugural Games when Vesuvius erupted. Aurarius, however was back in  Baiae with Marcus.

The Emperor Vespasian
Marcus' friend, the Emperor Vespasian had died the year of the eruption, and with his friends all, apparently, gone, Marcus decide to end his own life, and leave everything to Demetrius.

With his beloved Marcus apparently gone, Aurarius also decided to take his own life - 
and so all the 'boys' left the 'scene' - to re appear, with the help on Faunus, in a new place and a new time.

Chapter XIV

Morpheus - Roman God of Sleep
During the night, the boys had all been troubled by dreams of the past.
While they were waiting to go to the Combat Club with the 'Boss' - where they would se brody's first 'try out' session they filled in time - jim and Josh on their laptops, zac taking a jog, and Ethan, who went to see how Brody was getting on.

Brody at the Door of his Apartent
When Brody came to the door of his new apartment he was stripped to a pair of white Speedos - obviously having a morning training session.

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